Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chapter Three is done

Hey I just finished chapter three of The New God. I'm posting it the rough unedited copy to the website and to google docs. If you want to check it out, email me and I'll send you the link so you can comment. I love my brain. If you want a chance to just read it click here

I excited because I left off the chapter like something was about to go down. Marvelous. Then I immediately went to work on Chapter four, and it promises to be steamy. I'm starting to wonder though, if my story is turning out to be like one of those stories that have fifty billion plots to it. I mean I'd like the story to be simple, it doesn't seem to want to go that way.

Last night I gave a little introduction to some of the races that inhabit the universe. Today I wove the story of the Jeng-nii, into the book. So far we have two interplanetary races, a major demon, a goddess, some serious obsession, a whole lot of sexual tension, one really good assassin and we haven't even left camp yet! I've got my work cut out for me.

It's keeping me sober though. Sober and sedintary. I'm not thinking about heading to a gym while the book is in the works, I can incorporate a walk or something into my day, right? Maybe when I settle in San Diego I will have a better idea of what to expect. I'm getting old you know. I need to pay attention to my health more.

Speaking of getting old. Tomorrow I turn 32. I am amazed that I made it this far. I remember New Years 1992 I sat in church with my mother and brother awaiting the new year. When the clock struck midnight I was like Yes!!! I'm going to make it to 12. I was so happy. Then two days later when I turned twelve. I can't remember a single thing about that day. It's a little sad to not have any recollection of a birthday. Sad Face!

Anyway tomorrow I should get a few emails and maybe a phone call from Mom wishing me a Happy Birthday. I think I'll take myself out for a steak in the evening. I really don't have anything planned. Just  going through my day waiting for my flight out of Japan. I know last year I poured myself a glass of wine and took a bath. The weekend however was when all the really fun stuff happened. Lets just say the hang over was epic. I doubt anything like that will happen this year, I know better.

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