Saturday, December 31, 2011

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Uh What???

 I haven't written much over the Holidays. It's not that I've been out partying, neither have I been wallowing in sadness for being away from my family. I've been adjusting, this adjusting just happens for fall during Christmas and New Years. I've moved out of my home in Muira Kaigan. My lovely fortress of Solitude, is now just an empty house in Japan. It's part of the process of getting out of the Military. As long as I serve, the Navy will provide housing. Since I'm not serving anymore I have to move.  Oh sad face, sad face, what will I do now? 

I'm not panicking I am one step closer to getting to California. While I sit in a barracks room surrounded by cheap college dorm room furniture, I'm going to try and not gag. Sharing a bathroom is not how I planned on spending my New Year.  I also did not plan of spending my New Years completely sober. If you asked me six months ago what my plans for New Years were, I'd tell you that I'd be stupid drunk and singing Karaoke at the top of my lungs and tongue kissing random Japanese strangers. Cue euphoric recall, good times. Well that what I did last New Years anyway…

This year I should start with  resolution. I should think long and hard about what I should do to change or improve my life. I should, really I should, that's what everyone does right? Well not this one right here. Ms.Townes has outright refused to make a resolution. I'm making enough changes as it is. You can go make a resolution, sure say you're going to get to the gym more, or that you'll finally get up the nerve to ask for that raise you totally deserve. You can even say that you'll date better quality men, or that you'll make a budget and actually stick to it. Maybe you will finally take time off and go on that vacation you always wanted. What ever it is I hope you succeed in it. In my capacity to support you I might even remind you of it sometime later. But for me, I'm not making a promise that might get pushed to the back burner until next New Years.

As for this move, well I'll have to move two more times before I land. I'm not looking forward to it. The end result though is so worth it. I just hope I find a place to stay. If I have to look at more cheap polyester furniture I may scream. I miss my couch already.

**Shortly after the New Year began for the east coast of the United States, Japan AND Ohio were struck by a 4.0 earthquake.  How creepy is that? Two places roughly the same time frame having exactly the same magnitude! I just happened to be sitting in Starbucks next to three guys playing Skyrim. These guys didn't even look up from their computers. 

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