Thursday, December 15, 2011

Am I Geeky enough for Geek?

Define GEEK: I only ask because I just got labeled this illustrious title. I don't feel geeky, what does geeky feel like? Who knows… defines it as: an unfashionable or socially inept person. It also defines it as a person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest. Does that make me a geek? Speaking with one of my friends from my last ship landed me in this quagmire. I should feel something other than revulsion to being called one, but I don't.

I do have some geeked-ified tendencies though. I like Anime but who doesn't? I love trashy mass produced romance novels; they're like chocolate for your brain. Will I ever end up at some convention? For now I'm going to say no. The future is a bit unwritten.

The geek however is not as bad as my knee jerk reaction.  There is a thing called "Geek Chic", says, that "the Geek" is even fashionable. Here I know exactly what it's referring to. The funny glasses and stripy sweaters. But that's only the surface. Wiki goes deeper:

To geeks themselves, the term is used for "reclaiming the geek identity as something not only  meaningful, but also stylish."[8] - for this usage, more than mere spectacle frames are required, and so the term has a wider remit, being applied to home furnishings[9] and objects as well as oufits. In this usage, the term "geek chic" can even be used as a positive contrast to the somewhat more negative term "geeky".[10]

Now back to my friend Wade, who is a self proclaimed geek himself. In a Facebook chat he describes himself as a well rounded old world individual as well as a computer geek. He went on to describe the person he'd like to aspire to as knowledgeable on many different topics. That made me pause: if that's his version of geekdom, then sign me up. I picture and old man in a sweater vest, a fabulously cut blazer, a Kangoo hat, and some truly top of the line casual shoes. Kind of like that old man on the Dos Equis ads:  Stay Thirsty My Friends. BTW the Dos Equis website has a bunch of video clips that are just hilarious. I'm getting off topic here.

Geek doesn't seem too bad these days. With all the serious geeks we use to poke fun at ten to fifteen years ago are all some kind wealthy beyond reason now, you have to wonder. Is eccentric devotion really all that bad? With the devolving of social etiquette is being socially inept really truly that terrible? I can't answer that. Though we have come some serious miles since Revenge of the Nerds.

So I'll push my glasses back up my nose with pride. Not because I'm a geek though.

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