Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scenery Change and The Twins

I decided to get cracking on fixing this page so that it would look less generic. Sadly I have no ideas how to do that. After randomly looking through my pictures stored all over my computer and two cameras, I found a few pictures that seemed not too personal. After all this is supposed to introduce me to you, not repel people.

In true Tia fashion I lazed around all day doing absolutely nothing to get this project off the ground. A habit I need to get out of doing.  I did however take some time to work on Nicky and Camille. I feel like it would take one good day to get them in a really good place where I can submit them for you all's approval.

So I have a question. Should I summit them to a site as a novella; or should I just leave them up here (in the DOG LOG) to be at the mercy of getting lost in the shuffle? Nicky and Camille are the first characters I've developed for my book. The New God is my baby. The conflict between the twins is only a part of all the drama happening in this book. But I feel that their conflict must be understood; even if I kill one of them off some time after the journey starts.

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