Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yes Sean Connery

Dating older man is not something I'd readily do, unless he was Sean Connery or the Most Interesting Man in the World.  And do you know why; because he's Sean Connery and he's the Most Interesting Man in the World. Seriously  back on planet earth I decided to ponder this. What attracts younger women to older men? Having never dated and man more than five years my senior I had to go look this up.
Woman Dating Advice says that it is because of older men's maturity level. They go on to say that; older men have had years to hone their skills at listening to women and know exactly what to say to make women feel special. I could see that, but I'm still skeptical. I've seen the old man in the club one too many times to think it that's the sole reason.
Some random blog I found said it was because of an older man's wealth. Said Sugardaddydating he offers security where a young man is still trying to establish himself.  Having been a success the older man has a confidence in himself that women don't ignore.  This I can agree with, dating a man who is still living with his parents can be a cramp on a blossoming relationship. As is a man who has no faith in himself.
Another article I found said it was manners. I could argue that this should go along with maturity, but chivalry is a dying art.  Some younger men do have it but not all, and most older men don't think twice about pulling out a chair for his date. Chivalry comes in so many forms that a younger woman accustomed to men her own age would be overwhelmed.
Several articles said that older men are more worldly and do not mind playing the mentor. It's mutually beneficial as the younger woman makes the older man feel you again and the younger woman gets to live out her hot for teacher fantasy. (Here is where I gag. Gross.) Some even went as far as saying that some women look for a replacement father figure in and older man. (Double Gross)
My personal favorite comes from, out of the 50 reasons why young women date older men numbers 18,29,34,38,43 and 47 are the best.  It is a very crass list but someone had to say it.
So I gathered that older men are: wealthier, better listeners, more chivalrous, and don't mind educating the youth. I'm going to wave the malarkey flag here. In this day and age I have met some truly chivalrous men my auger even younger. I have friends who don't have to work (I'm so jealous of them right now). I also have guy friends who not only listen to my latest problem but actually offer sound advice. As for being a mentor, well, every one can teach you something. You just have to listen.
As for why I'd date Sean Connery and the Most Interesting Man in the World, I think it's the beard.   


  1. I think it's the voice. Tell me you wouldn't need a spare pair if he whispered in your ear with that voice. Not every man can do that. And he totally has a smolder.

    1. Not the voice, but the accent. Yeah they both have smolder. Raaarrrrrrr!


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