Monday, December 19, 2011

Writers Block

I've been having a little writer's block when it comes the books. I'm having a moment, that clearly is  lasting longer than a moment, that seems to be taking over the part of my brain which loves making stuff up. Maybe it has to do with the talk with my uncle this weekend. Maybe it's the Holidays and I haven't put up the tree, maybe I've been too busy trying to market myself and haven't put forth much effort on the books.

One at a time let's look. Talked to my Uncle J this weekend; I read an excerpt from the back story of the twins part of The New God. He said it was too wordy. What is this too wordy? He elaborated a bit more and Ms. Townes was not a happy camper. I should post the Twins so you all can read it. Not that I don't value his opinion, I do, I'd just hate to be wrong. Plus it hurt just a little.

The Holidays are here and Japan is not excused from it. There are Christmas Trees all over the place and the KFC dressed up the statue of the Colonel in a Santa outfit. I'm told that I could get orders to move any day now. Hence I haven't even put my Christmas wreath on my door. In the back of my mind I keep hearing put up the tree, but then I don't want to have to take it down and re-pack it. Call it lack of Christmas Spirit.

Maybe I have been too busy trying to market myself to do any actual work on the books. I'm not sure. Maybe I'm spending too much time waiting on something that might not happen. Perhaps I'm looking for someone to show more interest in my stories to spur me into action. Perhaps I should go out and take a few pictures this coming weekend instead of sitting down in my office?

That sounds like a great idea actually. I'll take my big girl camera and my little girl one too and see what I find. I'll download a few new albums from Itunes then see what crops up.

One more thing! Yesterday after I posted my entry I suffered and attack of unwarranted fear.  I debated AFTER the fact about whether or not I should be discussing my personal problems with Alcoholism in such a public manner. I debated taking the post down. I even went to an AA chat site and asked them their opinion. By the end of the night and into this morning. I came to the conclusion that by taking down the post it would seem that I'm ashamed for writing about it.

Well I refuse to be ashamed that I am a recovering alcoholic. I realized this might be the equivalent of social suicide. Let's face it, this blog only get 25 hits daily. I'm not reaching a lot of people. Mostly the visitors are people I know in and out of the Navy and from other stages in my life. So I'm really thankful to be sharing a piece of myself with you. When I finish my book, I'll have all of you to thank.

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