Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ink, Ink and More Ink...

There's nothing like getting something new. In this case it's a new piece of art work. I love art, I love that it convey's feelings in everyone. Well unless you're a robot, then, carry on smartly. This new work is the third of it's kind for me. It's a scarab.

The Scarab also know as Khepri, is an ancient Egyptian god. He represents rebirth, renewal, or rejuvenation. To me that means change. In the times of the Egyptians a scarab amulet was placed on a mummy at burial to assist the soul in the underworld. In some dynasties of the egyptians, rulers would attach Khepri or some form of the name to theirs symbolizing their transformation. 

So I have taken on the symbol of the scarab as a marker of significant changes in my life.  This would be the third one. It was done by Ryuta at La Vida Loca Tattoo. This change has been the topic many times since the beginning of this blog. Yes I will again remind everyone that Ms. Townes is leaving the Navy. Like many sailors before and after me, I've marked myself. It's a part of a tradition, like knowing all the words to Anchors Aweigh.

So I invite all to view it; Feel free to comment about it. If you're not a fan of tattoos, please don't look. You will only upset yourself, and I don't want you upset. My royal WE-ness likes happy folk.   

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