Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Pack of Camels and some Fruity Collon...

So I smoke. Yes I know a terrible habit and I should quit. Blah Blah Blah... But as I was staring at my pack of cigarettes I noticed something. Unless I'm mistaken the package has the Great Pyramids of Giza on them. Camels say they used Turkish and domestic tobacco, so why is there a pyramid and a camel their mascot? I've been to Turkey and Egypt, neither one look anything like a pack of Camels.

That was just a random for you.

Over on Google+ there was this freakishly awesome post about Curly Balls.
Apparently this is a great snack in France. So the comments were all kinds of innuendo filled zingers referring to parts of the human anatomy. Who could resist some yummy Curly Balls???

Not to be topped by the French I had to counter with a snack I found in Japan. Introducing, Fruity Collon:
Also try Chocolate Collon!!!!
You gotta love international quirks...

Today I decided to devote my time to a short story. Not So Picture Perfect. This is about an artist who finds some kind of human/sea creature hybrid knocked out inside a wrecked boat that washed ashore. It promises to be dirty. Lets face folks all my stories are dirty, and gory. I want to make this pretty short. Nothing too elaborate, girl meets thing, girl tries to hide thing, thing tries to change for girl, every one lives happily ever after and has little sea creature babies. There will be gore in this, trust me I can make this happen. 

Why they come up gory I have no idea. I actually talked about this to my therapist last week. Together we invented the new genre: GOREMANCE. I'm sure someone has already made this up. But my stories, when I ever get time to finish, would fit nicely into this category.

If anyone has time to check out other stories by writers you've never heard of, check out, or If you're looking to get you're own stuff out there you can upload submissions there too.

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