Friday, December 16, 2011

Tattoo tattoo, Lights Out in Five Minutes

My stay in lovely Japan will soon be over so I decided to devote this entry to that land of the Rising Sun. Below are the things that I've decided that will stay with me even though I'm going away.

Rice- Personally I hated rice until I could buy it already made prepared as in such a manner that other rice is just inferior.
Vending Machines- It's amazing that on a solitary stroll down a quite street you'd find the most polite vending machine all by itself. When you put your money in it, it greets you. When you remove your beverage, it thanks you like you've done this thing the greatest favor ever. Sometimes if you're lucky it even gives you back your money if you get all the numbers to match.

Automatic Toilets- This one I'm not too sure I'm really going to miss completely. The heated seat is a keeper. The bidet function does not give me the warm and fuzzys; In fact it's gives me an entirely different sensation.

Passmo Cards- One of the many transportation cards that every commuter should have. Passmo cards can be used on non Passmo transportation, as well at most convenient stores, some cabs, major restaurants in the vicinity and vending machines.

100 Yen Stores- Depending on which one you go to, there's a variety of things or doodads or nic-nacks that can be found at a 100 Yen store. Once last year I made a killing on porcelain dishes, glasses and bowls.

Public Service Announcement Trucks- These can be heard randomly through out the day passing along all types of valuable information. Too bad I can't speak the language. A cute little tune plays before every notice. The first time I heard it I ran outside thinking there was an ice cream truck was around.

Ready buttons at restaurants- When you need something from your dinner attendant all you do is press the button and a person responds cheerfully. I think and I could be wrong, that it's set up this way so that the waiter does not intrude on your privacy.

I could go on but I'm rather tired and I have a truly exciting day planned. Be well folks, and good night.

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