Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A short note. And maybe a shameless plug

I got my walking papers. I'm so happy, and I read some super blogs today. I'll post them below. Now commences the rush to find an apartment. Then a celebratory plate of chips and salsa!

I was talking to a few people and I may have to pick some place other then San Diego. Sad Face :( As much as I would love to go there, it looks more and more like I may not be able to afford it. Super Sad Face:(( So I shall enlist your help people to direct your's truly to some place warm and cheap on the west coast.

Awesome blog I stumbled on today, Terrible Minds. This guy Chuck I think gave a great list of ways writers can help each other. I'm glad I happened across this because I was beginning to think that in the vastness of the internet, I'll never connect with anyone. Even though I subscribe to efiction and Wattpad, I still seem to be fumbling. Strangely I feel okay about being so green at this writing thing. It was only recently that I took my hobby so seriously. But here's what Chuck had to say, I think it was his good deed for the month or something. 25 Ways for Writers to Help Other Writers

Hows that for a shameless plug, huh, huh??? Aye nice riight...

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