Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trashy Mass-Produced Romance Novels

I've got this thing for trashy mass produced romance novels, I love them. They are like literary junk food for your brain. I should be reading something more along the lines of what I'm supposed to be writing; I prefer this stuff. I find myself leaning towards the fantasy side; where one or both of the characters are not human. There always seems to be some kind of struggle and there is never a happy ending with out some kind of loss. Sounds pretty tragic right? 

What I love about these books is the level of imagination these writers have. Most books I find have just the right amount of smut in them to channel my inner pervert, and a wonderful story filled with unbelievable actions. I may have stated that wrong, I haven't eaten yet. If there was a reality where all the things I read about in these novels were to ever become true; can you imagine what stories you'd tell around the water cooler?

Right now on my Ipod and in my bookshelf are Gini Koch, Tina Folsom, Dana Marie Bell, Dakota Cassidy and Kresley Cole. I used to be and to a degree still am, a fan of Lisa Kleypas, Gaelen Foley, Megan Hart, and Victoria Dahl. But I've graduated into the supernatural. It might be a while before I come back. The constant here is that everyone has or finds love. I guess that is what my quest is for.

In my book, The New God, my main characters face several challenges. One the battle of good and evil (or the truth vs. the lies). Two the seduction of power. The balance of love an d friendship. And obsession. for some reason I like to give myself a huge mountain to climb when ever I get a mind to do something.

The conflict in my story is centered around three people with several supporting characters, that move the story around. One person Celine has magical powers that she hides for fear of being used for the wrong reasons. Malik: a young man in Celine's group that will do anything to be on the receiving end of her love. Ruddick: the team leader Celine's best friend and the man she loves from afar. The creepy part is that they are all aware of each other's struggles and continue on through out the book skirting these problems. I can not wait until I let their obsessions become a hindrance to the jobs they each perform. 

I am just s eager as you to see the level of compromise they create for the others in their team. With my character developments coming along you should see that these three become critical in the other's survival. I can't wait to finish this book.

Kresley Cole and Gini Koch both have new books out. I want them. Thanks to my eminent discharge I will have to wait until I find a place to land until I can order them. I can get them electronically but I want to actually hold the book. I want to feel the paper under my fingers every time I turn the page. I owe these two super awesome writers my respect and a place on my book shelf. With out them I'd never get up the nerve to think I could possibly make my book happen.

Plus they write a great sex scene, who doesn't like a great sex scene?

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