Monday, December 26, 2011

The Argument of Dating Below Your Standards or Why Beautiful Women Date Ugly Men

I'm assed out for a topic today. Yes I just said that. I know that I have not posted very consistently  over the Holiday, so I wanted something really really good.

I figured I take to the web to see what was out there. Lo and behold another question about WHY women date________________.  For guys reading this here's my disclaimer: I'm a chick and I don't know. Unlike Whitney Houston and The Legendary Chaka Khan, I am NOT every woman. It is NOT all in me.

Why beautiful women date ugly men? I searched Google (where else would I go?). Then for kicks I went on Youtube. Between these two sites you should be able to find the answer to anything. New York Magazine said it's because women feel more secure with an ugly man. Basically since he knows he's ugly he'll never leave you.

Ladies if you want that kind of devotion, go to the local animal shelter. It's okay no one you know will see you there. Peek in the cage, see the thing with four legs and huge trusting eyes? It's called a dog, pick one up today.

The same article in NY Mag explained it pretty well though, “When you date an ugly guy who’s smart and interesting, you think you’re getting a good deal. You’re getting him on sale. You think an ugly guy will be more grateful and treat you better.” Made me think of buying shoes. I love buying shoes...

That's something to think on. But I had to get another point of view. So I found an article from written by self proclaimed ugly man (poor schmuck). He goes a little bit deeper into that "He'll never leave you" notion. He gets right down to the fact that beautiful women are high maintenance. In order to feel as beautiful as they look, they date someone uglier than them to make them for secure about themselves. How awful. He put it rather crudely that women in general would prefer a toad at her feet. Personally I like the one about getting him on sale better. But same point.

Poor Schmuck also offered a few more reasons like: If the woman was or is a Daddy's girl then the woman will like him good looks or not if he reminds her of her father. I've heard this before in Yes Sean Connery. I can buy this, because I am a Daddy's girl. My dad has a great sense of humor, I can tell him anything no matter how off the wall and he'll completely relate. I look for these qualities in the guys I've dated. I know a few women who do the same. Or if she hated her father she'd look for qualities that her father doesn't have. I can get behind that idea.

I liked Poor Schmuck's article, he  also said that there are more beautiful women in the world than men. Something that has to do with math. Man I hate math. Basically it's impossible for all women to compete for the same type of man. We do anyway, but that's just my opinion. One more from Poor Schmuck them I must move on. Ugly men are better in bed. Holy cow we hit gold on this one!

I have a filthy mind, and I like to talk with like minded women. Whenever the topic of The Ugly Man comes up, conversation just gets dirty. Mom cover your eyes. The merits of the ugly man's prowess in and out of bed  has heads turning, panties flying, and women rushing to 24 hour convenience stores the world over. In other words the ugly man is the sexual equivalent of an Olympic Gold Metal gymnasts.

Youtube, has a few videos about this topic. The fact that I had to sit through some of these videos should make you pity me right now. One stood out by angierandomstuff, she said that most ugly men are nicer, yadda yadda yadda... same stuff NY magazine and Poor Schmuck said.  She also said women would tend to find an ugly man, to pretty much stomp all over him. Usually, the words push over are written in sharpie ink on his fore head. I had to think of this, I admit, the last time I dated a pushover was after I'd been dumped by someone who treated me down right bad. Sorry Rebound Guy it's nothing to do with you, unless you let it happen.

But what killed me and why I even have to mention youtube is the response to her video. Akwesi100, who is not ugly in my opinion, basically stood up for ugly men everywhere and said that no woman, no matter how beautiful should be able to walk all over a man. Then he just spins off on his rant, but good start. Stay strong, black man, you stay strong.

I'm not a professional when it comes to dating, heck I'm not even dating right now. I do know that when you're in a relationship with someone, it needs to be for the right reasons. The right one is not going to fit into any one category, old, ugly, smart, funny, brooding, or eccentric. The ONE is going to your perfect combination of all the qualities you like. It's going to be a partnership that surpasses all the other crap you've ever experienced. 


  1. "In other words the ugly man is the sexual equivalent of an Olympic Gold Metal gymnasts."
    That line cracked me up!
    I do agree, a relationship should be for the right reasons, beautiful girl/ugly guy or vice versa :)

  2. I wonder if women in general purposely search for an ugly man?

    If you think about it, if you willingly look for an ugly man it's like picking out the weak one from a pack of zebras...

  3. I can relate to women who search for qualities in a man that are similar to their father.

    I'm a momma's boy, so I look for qualities in women that reflect my mother's qualities.

    And now, being in the middle of a marriage separation, I can't help but I that ugly guy?

    Did she marry me because she knew I would worship her?

    This is a thought provoking favorite kind! Well done!

  4. Brilliant post.

    As ridiculous as some of the articles can be, I can't help but agree with a few points. As someone who has dated all kinds of men, the first point that jumped out to me was that these men ARE gold medalists in bed. Not only that, but more often than not, they are very kind and, in my opinion, know how to treat a woman. And any decent woman who happens to be dating somebody who is "out of their league," should be treating their man with the same courtesies that are shown to her. Reciprocity is key, no matter what relationship you find yourself in, or whom is standing next to you.

    In the end, looks fade & personality will win hands down, every single time.

  5. Well Said Rikki Bobby well said.

  6. Then again, the site IS free and won't turn away anyone who wants to sign up. No spurned users, no virus attack.


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