Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Website is killing me.

I added some things to the website today. I wish I could make that site better. But regardless, with out a professional on hot standby, the site is what is is. You can check that out here's the address:Read This by Tia Townes.

Earlier, I had my hair done today. As usual my hair dresser wants to cut my hair. I need to cut it, but I have a problem letting go. As we were talking she asked what I planned to do after the Military. So glad you asked was my reply. I went on to tell her about the New God and OverMuchly Wonders. I also mentioned the blog and my hopes for it.

Turns out that Wilca, the stylist, has a degree in literature for two different languages. I'm telling you someone is on my side!

In OverMuchly Wonders, the main character is preggers. I know nothing about being pregnant. Like a good little researcher i went to the NEX to see what they had in their book section on maternity, and maybe a For Dummies on webpages. I scored on two that look promising enough to be authentic for my needs. I was hoping that know one I knew saw me buying these two books. I don't want them or anyone else for that matter to get the wrong idea. came you picture how that would have went down? I'd rather not think on it too much.

Tomorrow the plan is to get with my sponsor. I owe her my fourth step. I don't expect it to be perfect, not by a long short. The idea behind doing the twelve step program is that you have to continue to do every step over and over as you progress through your recovery. Since recovery is life long, or until I pick up the bottle again (I hope not) I don't want to have it perfect. My sponsor says that I've taken too much time on it anyway. Her goal is to have completed this step before I leave Japan. I believe I can do that.

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