Monday, January 23, 2012

Star Wars and Pink Eye

After a very, and I mean very haphazard weekend, I had to start school today. Chewy my love is an interesting individual. He pees on my floor, won't go number two, and only fully relaxes when he's on my lap.
Talk about co-dependence...

I suppose I got what I asked for in a dog who doesn't say much and just wants to be loved. Well that would be the good point.

So at first I was really okay with the fact that he humps everything. Now that I understand that he's trying to be the Alpha, I'm not too okay with it anymore. It appears that both Chewy and I need some training. He also is the most picky eater in the WORLD. Talk about a waste of dog food. First off he doesn't like the food, second he only likes the treats. Third, the vet said that the reason he doesn't eat it is because he seems to be allergic to it.


My dog has allergies???

Ready for more bad news? No, neither was I. So the other day, well yesterday. I looked into his big brown eyes and noticed this crude floating across it. Nasty. Well I was going to wipe it off but I found out that Chewy does not like when you mess with his eyes. But that's not why I rushed my Lhasa Apso to the vet. No I took my free vet exam voucher to the nearest clinic and cashed in because he doesn't poop.

What does that mean, everyone, every THING poops. Not this guy and I was getting concerned. So like every new mamma I took my baby in. I figured while I was there I'd mention that crap in his eyes. Funny, that he's not going number two is supposedly normal. Yeah in what dimension? But she looked at his eyes and said something I'd never expected to hear from a vet.

Hey it looks Chewy may have caught a little case of Conjunctivitis. My slow brain runs through all the nicknames for nasties that I know and come up with PINK EYE. eeewwwww nasty Chewy, just Nasty.

So he gets his drops which I have to administer every night, a pill for his monthly flea treatment, and a recommendation to change his food, immediately. They run some blood work on him and tell me they'll call me in the morning. I am really not sure what I should do now. Should I take him back to the Shelter? Would I be a bad mamma if I did.

I really wanted a companion. He's turning out to be a little more than I can handle right now. But when he lays in my arms just content to be with me, I wonder if I am wrong? Confuzzled Face!

Class started today and let me tell you it was a doozy. Political Science is not something for the flighty. Oh no, this class demands that you actually USE that thing in your head. Seriously. It's odd, but for the last six years, I've been told to memorize information to the point where I can regurgitate it in my sleep. Now I'm being told to not only understand the information I'm given, I'm know supposed to form my OWN opinion about it. Just call me Lamb chops, BHAHHHHH.

Switching from mindless automaton to free thinker on serious matters this morning before I'd had any Starbucks was the rudest possible awakening of my day. Well unless you count Chewy having Pink Eye. Now that I'm in regular society I have to remember that: 1 not to operate at the level of disrespect I'm accustomed to. And 2 I'm not a sheep and I must think for myself in the area of academics. Clearly I've been thinking on my own for most my life. Just going from being given the answers to finding and understanding the answers is truly an experience.

The first lecture was about Democracies, Anarchys, Aristocracies, and a bunch of other cracies that are or have been at work around the world. The Professor (I didn't even get the guys name) began with the basics set forth by Athenians like 600 BC. Breaking it down as he moved forward to this era.

None of which makes any sense to me until it clicked. The word Republic! A bunch of qualified people charged with the job of making decisions on the people's behalf. Sound familiar, it should that's how this country is supposed to run. So when Professor begins talking about how the Republics of history failed, I get a random picture of Chancellor Palpatine  accepting the roll as ruler for a frighted Senate in Star Wars.

The more I start thinking of how the Republic failed itself in Star Wars, everything starts clicking into place. At least I can now understand what the hell is going on in class. So now that I'm once again on track I am confident I'll at least pass the class with a better understanding of this Nation State. May the Force be with me.

Truly though, as I have said before, the world I make up seem infinitely cooler.


  1. May the force and serenity be with you.
    I hope Chewy's getting better soon.
    Talking about star wars, I love Yoda and a big Chinese face pilot, whose name I don't remember.

  2. Tae I don't think that pilot has a name, I mean I know he does but i idon't think Lando ever said it...

  3. Nien Nunb, whose face is my favorite.

  4. It's AWESOME that you found that out. Cool.


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