Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waiting for the Internet

I was supposed to have my Internet installed on Sunday. Last time I had to deal with the American Cable company they didn't work on Sunday. But I guess times are a changing.

After talking to several flamboyantly gay men on the phone, I was: A)Pretty sure my name was Honey and B) Utterly confused about what day these people were coming to do the install.

Picture Ms. Townes sitting in her sinfully tiny apartment contemplating breakfast, cereal or cereal, when there is a knock on the door. Is it Powdered Toast Man? No, it's Brian from the cable company.

Of course like every closet slob, I'm going to scramble to pick up all my random stuff scattered around the place (IE. the random bra in the kitchen).  I let Brian in and he immediately begins trying to sell me stuff.  Ha Ha I have my own equipment, beat that! After some serious haggling, and a cheerfully bad trade of sea stories (another freakin Sailor), my Internet was installed.

So stoked am I that I completely forget the list of crap I HAD planned for today. Instead I plopped myself in front of Mac and surfed the net. Forget the fact that school starts next week and I still haven't purchased my books. Or the fact that I still need to make my way to the VA. Or the fact that I have to return another modem  back to Radio Shack. No, nope, none of that matters. I have service.

Totally, I have my priorities here.

Not a complete waste of a day though. While I was trolling through all that is the World Wide Web, I got myself off the wait list and into a seat for a second class. Joy, Happy Face!!! I got moved up the list on the other wait listed class from 5 to #3. I'm hoping someone drops the class so I can just get it out the way. Who wants to take Poly Sci anyway. Sounds terribly boring, and not humorous. I mean the only time I need to know about how politics applies to me is during the election year. Oh HAHAHA it is the election year.


Yesterday instead of posting something lengthy and clever I threw up the link to the website I have for the books. I managed to get up The New God's Chapter 4, then six hours later and with even less fanfare, I put up chapter 5.

Would you like to know how I did that? No? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. Remember Kill Bill Vol. I + II? No? Where are you people coming from? Do you not have TV? Anyway here for your education. You know how Kill Bill was supposed to be one extremely long movie then he cut it in half and made two almost completely different films? Talk about a run on sentence... Yeah well that's what happened to chapters 4 and 5 in The New God. Chapter four was becoming a marathon in my patience, best thing I could have done was either scratch it all together or make another chapter. Plan B won.

In Chapter four, Celine and Will have a late lunch and discuss how the spell in Chapter 3 failed. He tells Celine to meet him out in a field at 8 that night. There they will try the spell again with "provisions" they will need to complete it. She later goes to the team truck to process some updated information about the trip they are going on, when Verine'e (VEER-UH-NEE) drops by.

Someone on eFiction called Verine'e little miss perfect. Sounded a little antagonistic towards her as well. Good I like that I was able to bring out that particular feeling. You're not supposed to trust Verine'e. She is one of those people who fall into the unknown variable category.

Verine'e through a method I will not say disarms Celine to tell her about the cargo, she's transporting. This cargo by the way is like super hush hush, so how Verine'e found out about it is a mystery. Here you get a little back history about the world I'm creating. I'm going to throw a big word out here people: Dystopia, think opposite Utopia. I'm not, at this point in the story, ready to explain how the world came to this but, here I give a boarder view of the whole canvas. If that makes any sense I'm feeling a bit leery on that sentence...

Chapter 5 begins with Celine driving a jeep alone in the desert. She is out looking for Will. She is accosted by a starving mountain lion.  When she barely survives the attack she does manage to find Will, and another member of the team who is then sent off to get help. With the other guy no longer present Will, who knows exactly what to do to help her heal, does exactly that.

When Celine is rejuvenated, she has so much power flowing through her she can't control it. Poor Celine never felt so good in her life, she takes advantage of the moment and seduces Will, whom she'd been secretly (cough* cough* everyone knows*) crushing on for years. Will can't resist. Goremance I'm telling you...

That's the recap of what yesterday brought. Take a look at the website click on The New God Ch.1 the other four chapters are at the bottom of that first sub page.  Happy Reading, I think I might actually go food shopping now.

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