Wednesday, January 11, 2012

UUUUmmmmm SOOO Gooood, yeah

I'm on the brink of something people. The last days of the Navy are coming and coming fast. I've almost secured the apartment I want in San Diego, I'm pretty sure I'll get there just in time to start school this semester and I just finished Chapter 4. Life could not possibly get better.

Oh yes it can...

What's missing from this idyllic situation is a job. So I took a little time out of life to look and I have found it people. You may now call me Girl 6. My name is Lovely, Lovely Number 6. You guessed it, I have joined the many mom's of America who moonlight as phone sex operators.

Truth be told I've done this before. Like ten years ago when I lived in Florida. It was a great job except for the fact that I never left my house. I think that was such an eye opener for me, not the never leaving my house, no I'm talking about learning other people's kink.

I'm not name calling on this one but I want to. Only out of respect for the industry will I not poke fun. However, comma, I will say that people are truly special in their own unique way. Once you figure that out you sort of forget that on the opposite end of the call is someone in some state of undress.

How do you figure that out? Well in this business, the customer will tell you, in freakishly vivid detail. This isn't a people get a dog moment though. Most of the folks that call these lines are in secure relationships. To them this is safer than going out and actually straying from the bond they have with their significant others.

Like every person, a fantasy is just as unique. The goal of a phone sex operator, is to give voice to that fantasy while simultaneously keeping the caller engaged for as long as possible. It's actually harder than you think. Especially of the caller was already half-cocked before he dialed. Half-cocked, get it, t-hee hee hee.

Seriously though, I will say that some of my best callers were the ones that just want to talk. Something about telling a complete stranger everything on your mind without regret. It's like going to confession without saying the ten Hail Mary's after. That and it's not like you can really tell anyone what they said. No one would believe you.

I like talkers, if they don't have some deep dark confession, they tend to actually want to please you. They know you're at work, but they still insist on making you enjoy the moment. I find that a huge turn on. Call me weird but it's the truth. Two of the most sexiest things in the world to me are: men who want your pleasure and men who show affection to babies in public.

DISCLAIMER: I hate kids. I just like watching men being tender. It's sooo, sooo incredibly arousing to see a big strong male being gentle and openly loving to little one....

Back on topic. So the plan is to incorporate some form of income into the equation but not end up sacrificing too much of my time. I give myself 25 hours a week and 25 hours only. I could knock that out in three days. I feel like such a stripper. I'm just doing this to put myself through college.

So the next time your pervy cousin tells you he's met this super hot chick with some exotic name, chances are, he's talking about me.

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