Friday, January 20, 2012


I decided before I moved to San Diego that I was going to get a dog. Today after a grueling trek all over San Diego I fell in love with Chewy. A six year old dustmop. Looks like Chewbacca except gray. You know why I like this dog? He reminds me of the dog from the first Sex and the City movie. You the little Yorkie that humps everything.

So Chewy is a four legged pervert. Works out great since I'm a pervert too!!! Has a problem with mounting things. Tried to hump my leg until I told him to chill. Then, Chewy actually climbed into my lap. They weren't kidding about that lap dog thing.

So when the folks at the San Diego Humane Society so patiently walked me through every pen to meet every small dog they had, I saw something. Despite their popularity there seemed to be a large number of Chihuahuas. Personally I can't stand the little ankle biters, but  I thought people liked them.

I'm not going to advocate for them, because I hate them, I am going to say that even they need love too. You'd think since Gidget, the Taco Bell dog was so famous, everyone would want one... Lets not forget Legally Blonde and her dog Bruno, or that silly Chihuahua movie. Who knows.

Anyway Chewy is a Lhasa Apso and something else. He was found somewhere near Oceanside (I haven't been there yet, so don't ask) in serious danger of dying. He was severely underweight covered in fleas and his coat had matted all over his body. His lucky to be alive. Especially lucky to have me because they named him Cookie. That's a terrible name for a male dog.

Nothing else is going on in Tia world today other than I got to pick up my school books. I think I'm going to drop one of my classes. It seems to me that if I need the same book for two classes I might be taking the same class twice. No Bueno. Well I don't want that so I guess I should check into that on Monday. May be I'll do that after my Political Science class... I can tell this will be the challenge class. Probably a good thing I'm getting out the way now, before I have a full time schedule in the Fall.

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