Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bean Counter: Returning Sporadically

Ready for some serious ups and downs? Yeah well this ain't the place for that.

Wrote a book review for All The Time In The World on and it was rejected.  -10

I was pretty pissed about this because Amazon always deletes my negative feedback I found this article about Amazon deleting negative feedback.  -5

That it was found on  +25

Then disgruntaled United Airline workers took matter into their own hands at the Dulles Airport a few weeks ago. As if canceling flights weren't enough to mess with Veterans suffering from PTSD, they started kicking service dogs too.  -45

As if the horrible Airline food wasn't abuse enough.

Speaking of bad airline food. Delta seems to be stickin it to EVERYONE by putting sewing needles in the turkey sandwiches. -19 I hate turkey but I'll eat it if I have to.

No one seems to know if this is a Terror Threat or an very well executed hoax. -50 Just for not having figured that out yet.

But that's on a terrestrial level (somewhat). In a Galaxy far far away a picture that should have never happened resurfaced thanks to a friend over on Facebook and a little help from No Hope For The Human Race:

While everyone is watching the Olympics, the USA put another rover on Mars, or somethign like it. Pretty cool if you ask me. +35 for Team 'Merica!!!

That's like what, the fourth or fifth one since 1997? +25

And now that the Olympics are well and over Grindr will finally calm down. See all about that here  +10

Found an article that's roughly a year old about a Tibetan Red Mastiff being sold for 1.5 Million bucks. Seriously would you pay for this guy? -60 I'm sure starving kiddies everywhere could have used that money.

Read Here

Books for the next three weeks actually made here in time so I'm about to be ahead of myself again. +15

The Dog Log is now doing E-books so send me your published fiction. +5

I only have two E-Books so far.  -10

Got the worlds greatest nasty gram from the Vet: I'm a bad pet owner because I forgot Chewy's Flea and tick medication.  -10 Sad Face

Prior to the nasty email I went not once but twice to the vet to pick up said medication only to have them tell me twice that they were out. FAIL Animal Hospital, FAIL. -15 for the stupid factor.

On Okcupid I listed my pet peeves at the top my profile which specifically state ages 30-40. Makes sense to me since no one reads the bottom of profiles where it's normally listed. I now get messages from 50 year old men claiming I'm age discriminating. +24 pissing off geriatrics everywhere.

You can't win with dating I swear.

Tally this issue of the Bean Counter: 70

Tune in again for the Vlog on my latest review Fifty Shades Freed, the Famous Fictioneer Blog Hop on Friday and a whole lot more.

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