Thursday, August 23, 2012

The New Craze: Dog Shaming

Thanks to my friend on Facebook (my go to girl for all things dating like the Lame Gazelle thing or the Masochist Tango) I've been initiated into the viral world of Dog Shaming.

What is Dog Shaming? Well Like breading your cat it's basically where you subject your pet some thing mildly humiliating and then send it all over the world just because it's funny. Does that clarify? No? Well how about I attache this article and then you can take it from here.

Still not getting it? Okay how about this picture?
Googled. Check out the blog.

Or how about...

So I guess this started on Tumblr some how and everyone + their mom jumped on board. Yahoo even picked up on the trend and did something on it a few days ago.

The Main question is do you think the dog feels shame for what it did? Of course not. You know why, because the human that loves it took a freaking picture.

How many dogs get their picture taken when they are being punished? Not mine. Most dogs I know are photographed when they do something heinously awesome like wag their tail. It's not effective, unless you call millions of dog lovers getting a good laugh, effective.

So of course my house guest and I decided in a moment of shear boredom to Shame Chewy. He's not that bright though so he's got no clue what's going on when the camera flashes. Heck he even tried to eat the card we made. But never the less, we shamed him. 

For your viewing pleasure, Chewy the shamed.

 No shame since he's  still licking my thigh.

 Barks every time I get a package
Actually he chews on dirty socks too. Anything thats remotely used. Gross man, just gross.

So do you feel like you've been let out of the loop? Do you have a dog that's misbehaving? Maybe you just like sharing slightly embarrassing pictures of your four legged friend with people you don't know. Who cares, join the fun.

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