Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Bean Counter

From a friend back home in New England I see a link that quizzes you on your political stance. Then it tallies your answers and tells you who you're most likely to vote for. Check that out here. +20

I apparently seem to favor two political parties one of which surprised the living heckness out of me.     -10 I'm not a fan of these kinds of surprises.

Behind on a book review -5

Took the dog to the beach today so I can finish said book for the review. +10

Enjoyed myself immensely AND got through a considerable portion of the book. + 12

Even managed to take this picture:
+15 such a good boy.

Then the silly dog ran away. -11 which resulted in me my buddy and some stranger corralling the furry mess in hopes of putting him back on the leash. Another -11because my book got sandy.

Still reeling over the whole legitimate rape thing from that Akin guy, here comes the freak of nature from TN saying with conviction that AIDS came from homosexual men having sex with monkeys. -5

After I call my mother in absolute outrage I realize the article was almost 8 months old. -7 a little delayed reaction on my part.

I decided I want a little more income (who doesn't) so I've been job hunting again (not that I ever stopped) in hopes of finding some that will hold me over until school starts. + 12 for the initiative.

Realized that I had a job that I wasn't getting paid for already and now I feel rather stupid. -9

Went to Karaoke the other night and once again sang completely off key. Have I lost my voice? -5

But at least I looked nice...+15

Meanwhile elsewhere in the US Hurricane Isaac touched down and the few people I know of still in the Gulf area were fairly constant on Facebook until a few hours ago.  -9

But the LA Times seems to be keeping up on things so at least something is coming out of the area. They have a photo gallery. +/- 0 Not really sure if I should be grading that...
Really NASA? Really?

Curiosity is still roving Mars and now it's playing music. Seriously it's playing music. + 20

Then I found out that the song it's transmitting is by Really guys? Really? -12

What WILL the Martians think?
Back on Earth...

Over the weekend Southern California experienced a series of Earthquakes that made me feel pretty nostalgic for Japan. +7 Some how that's good????

Sadly there was some damage even though the quakes weren't too too strong. Once again I'm linking you to LA Times to see what that was all about. -14

This week's Tally: +3
Hey it's better than nothing.

Tune in later for the Photo Prompt for Friday and the book review of The Witches Hand by Wendy Joseph.

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