Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Heads Up What Am I Reading Thursday???

The Witch's Hand by Wendy Joseph
I've got several books lined up for the following weeks. Sadly I'm behind on the first one. This one is by someone in my weekly group the Author's Oven. I was really over the moon the find out that one of the ladies in the group actually published her book and had copies in her car to give away.  On the condition that I do a review, she gave me one. I like the book a lot and I would nothing more than to get the book out to you all on time. 

Sadly I have to do some serous job hunting at the same time so I'm going to get this out on Thursday instead of Wednesday. Sad Face. I'm really excited to tell you about it though.

The book for next two weeks are here and ready to go as well as the one E-Book I've received.

I really wish I had more but You can't win them all.

So look back on Thursday for my latest book review and check later tonight for the Photo Prompt for this Friday's Fictioneeer Blog Hop.

Have a great Tuesday.

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