Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday - Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

What do we know about Trilogies? Well Screams Randy says all bets are off for everyone including the main character. So I kept that in mind when I tucked into the last book in the Fifty Shades. Randy also said: There will be unexpected back story, villains that need to be decapitated and cryogenically frozen to kill, and past that comes up and bite you in the ass.

Well lookie here this book fits all that in some way shape or form. 

E.L. picks up several weeks into freshly married Grey’s honeymoon around Europe. The honey moon serves no point in this book but to put both of them as far away from danger as humanly possible while some freak of nature sets fire to something inside Grey Enterprises. Also to have more “kinky fuckery” her words not mine.

From the get go this book is unbelievably sloppy. There were inconsistencies in language, more and more I can not overlook the amount of Britishness these American characters seem to posses. My personal pet peeve is yar. What the fuck is a yar? Are we pirates?

Granted I used yargh this past Friday in my Flash Fictioneer submission, but there really were pirates in it. Yar and it’s unknown meaning was used at least twice. This slip of local UK colloquial into and American book is unacceptable. Regular natives don’t talk like that. Nor do we call each other arse.

The story itself hmm what can I say to salvage this? Well Ana is still trying to get on solid ground with Christian the soulless ginger. He’s still his usual overbearing self, making bad decisions that end up making him regret not being open with Ana. I think I died a little every time Ana said please don’t be mad at me. By the time she grows a back bone, I stopped caring if either of them were mad.

So back to Randy and his rules for Trilogies. It does tie up all loose ends when the source of some of the new couples issues is caught not once but twice because the first time wasn’t good enough. We see the brief and satisfying return of Elena for all of five minutes right after a crazy pivotal moment. And the Soulless Ginger kindly decided to open up enough and give Ana a bone by delving into his past. And we even get to return to the beginning when the couple stays at the same hotel where they combed over the contract in book one.

What I do like about this last book and there isn’t much, is the time warp she has going on. She jumps back to recall certain things and at the end she even jumps forward. Of course the future is so sugary sweet I wanted to gag, but the romantic in me wanted to sigh. That is until Ms. James ruined it with an image of a very pregnant Ana trussed up on a rack and being pleasured. I know it happens James, but did you have to  go there? I don’t think so.  I’m screaming vivid mental picture and not in a happy way. That part actually made me cringe a little. It lacked taste some how by sullying the sappy goodness of the future Grey family.

I also liked that there is an over site built right into the story leading up a rather explosive scene in the book where Christian walks out. It was so subtle that I think E.L. James might not have seen it if she wasn’t paying attention herself. It was there just waiting to be notice and good for her to have caught it and capitalized on it at the end.

I give this book Fifty Shades Freed one thumb only because it does what it’s supposed to do by ending the story. It is not executed well at all and frankly I can no longer say that this is a good read. 

I’m glad it’s over it was a nice story if you remove all the extra fluff but really not meant to be enjoyed by someone over the age of 20 even if the content is racey.

I congratulate you Ms. James on making such a sensational book how ever I hope that until you learn to write better, don’t type anything else.

That was pretty harsh wasn’t it. Oh well.


  1. OMG, say it isn't so... Christian is a ginger?!?!? In my mind I'm picturing Christian as if he looks like actor Joe Manganiello, not Prince Harry. {sad face}

    1. Yeah the author refers to him as copper colored and some other red head reference.


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