Friday, August 31, 2012

Something's Coming: Friday Fictioneer

This week we get this unbelievably cool picture from Stacy Plowright and this time I'm not sure what to make of my story. You be the judge and don't forget to visit some others participating on this week's Friday Fictioneers.

Clouds in Toronto by Stacy Plowright

“Look outside for me. I can feel the air. Something is coming Martha.” 

“Oh don’t be silly Cheryl. If anything it’s just a storm.” Martha was tired, she’d been at work all day, she just wanted to relax. She did not want to be anyone’s eyes. Not even Cheryl’s.

“But I can feel it, Martha, something is coming.” Cheryl pleaded.

Martha huffed. She cracked and popped as she left the couch, achey bones dragging themselves to the window. 

“Oh my God, the clouds...” she gasped. They rolled in waves toward their home, heavy and dark.

“Martha? Mar-tha? MARTHA....”

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  1. Ow, so ominous and well told. I coudl feel her horror. Well done. Mine is here:

  2. Oh the suspense! I want to know what happens to them. Well done!

  3. Terrifying! I wonder what happened to Martha, and whether it's going to get Cheryl too...

  4. Great impact! I love the suspenseful build-up. well written.

  5. My favorite stories are the spooky ones! Well done!

  6. What happened? What happened? I find myself worried about these two gals, something tells me the day didn't end well.

  7. The best horror goes unexplained. Well done.

  8. Ak! You left me hanging! I want to know more!

  9. Did "it" get her??? I want to know. Nice!


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