Monday, August 20, 2012

What Am I Reading: Lothaire by Kresley Cole

First and foremost I bow to the superior commercial rightness of Kresley Cole. I have been reading her Immortals After Dark Series since the beginning. I’m sort of a geekified fan when it comes to her books. In fact she gets her own row in my book shelf.  

So when I got a hold of her latest book regarding the Enemy of Old, I was, well let’s just say that I already knew it was going to be good. Remember kiddies I’m a fan first.

I absolutely love the richness of the back story. It makes understanding Lothaire’s motives so much clearer.  I’d been dying to know what this “Endgame” was. The rather abrupt expulsion of he and his mother then her subsequent death would pretty much make any man a little mad. Very dramatic.

There was something I noticed here that I never really saw in all Ms. Cole’s other books. Seeing as we geekified fans are all familiar with Lothaire in all his nasty neutral but not by much naughty, you kind of just think of him as surly dialed up to fifty.  Was that ever a run on? I just figured he thought everyone but his own race was less. Not true apparently he has a special place in his heart for humans, the bottom, of his bottom.

What a mind fuck he got when his bride turns out to be human. Poor guy. You almost feel bad for him. I’m pretty sure someone in the Lore felt bad for him, that is if they all didn’t want to kill him. Fabulous set up Kresley, fucking fabulous.

Now follows the adjustment period of accepting the fact that not only is he saddled with this weak human as his bride, she a damn hillbilly. Picture Ellie May Clampet give her brown hair and then stick her in a room with sex on legs. Shit I felt bad for him. Lothaire like every Vampire in the series, becomes the most overbearing tyrant in the world towards his bride.

I’d love to say that the way vampires in her stories treat their new brides is tired and formulaic, but it’s not. In every story the men try very hard to dominate their brides, not just vampires, the whole freaking Lore does it. And yet it never gets tired. I don’t understand how that keeps working but I’m not going to knock it.

Not that Elizabeth didn’t deserve it sometimes. Ellie (ironically named) didn’t come completely with out assets. She’s got an evil deity sleeping in her that seems at serious odds with every one’s plans. I like how she was written, you aren’t supposed to like her and well I didn’t.

We also finally get to full story about La Dorada a powerful creature that was released by the Skiathi Archer in another story and her part was done rather masterfully as well. 

Lets be honest kiddies I am way too much of a fan to do this particular review objectively. I just can’t. I enjoyed Lothaire immensely and if I had three thumbs Kresley Cole would get them all.

But because I’m not objective I can say this. Kresley, sweetie you turned and immortal badass in to a powder puff. Lothair goes trick or treating? Seriously? Trick or treating was not part of the Endgame.

You still get three thumbs though.

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