Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekly E-Book: Disbelief By Peter Smalley

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Alright as this is my first ever E-Book review, I’m not really sure how to offer you pictures since I can’t hold it. Let me just tell you about it. And then give as many links as I can find about it.

This Paranormal Romance is a little on the odd side. I think it’s because it’s written by a guy. You immediately can tell, but that’s not a handicap here, just a different take. And not because the author’s name is Peter. 

Meet Julia a debunker of things paranormal. It appears that her business is to separate the wolves from the sheep. In other words she keeps people from taking advantage of each other.

Kind of interesting as I had to get about halfway through the book to realize that she has actual powers. The author calls it “pushing” and I guess with this power she can use it to break down a charlatan’s illusion. I found this “pushing” notion a little vague but I ran with it. Oh course this is a family business which she inherited from her deceased father. He was the one who taught how to use her gift.

Julie bird our heroine of course is trying to stay afloat due to the fact that her dead papa was for lack of a better word useless where business was concerned. The debt he’s left behind forces her to “push” the wrong person, releasing a demon into the world. And now everyone is off to save the world. Brilliant.

I found this story interesting in some parts, seriously awesome in others and sadly lacking in a few places. 

I loved the interactions with the creatures she meets in the story that move her closer to the climax. While these moments in the story aren’t really important they seem to be the richest sections. They are detailed entertaining and really give insight into the potential strength Julie Knox has. 

Her libido is another point of interest in this story. She pretty much lusts after most of the able bodied males that cross her path. When it (the libido) interferes she’s focused enough to chastise herself and return to the task at hand. Clever and funny, thats all I can say about that.

Here’s what I found lacking, the love scenes. I enjoyed how the mood is set leading up to the act, but the execution is almost non-existent. Maybe because it’s hard to understand what a female main character feels being a male writer. Maybe since the source of affection isn’t really there? (I do believe that was a blatant hint, go read the book silly) Or maybe it’s just something I’m not seeing. Either way I thought the love scenes needed more bang. Bang. Get it... Har Har Har...

I give this, on my scale 1.5 thumbs, but since Peter has this book on Amazon and he’s very nicely requested I post there as well I’m going with 3.5 stars. The beginning was a little stunted, but once you got past that first few chapters it picks up and you find the author’s rhythm. I think the next book will be better and totally worth reading.  Oh yeah kiddies it’s another series. And if Peter Smalley would be so kind and give us a heads up we can all find it on Amazon when it’s out.

Here's where you can pick this up: Amazon

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