Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blah Blah...

Last night, Occupy and I watch the Wiz. He never even heard of it. Personally I think it's a part of urban black history. I love the movie. He said he enjoyed it, so I have to believe that he did. I really wanted to narrate the whole thing so he could catch some of the undertones in it. I decided not to, because I wanted him to just take it all in.

After the movie I heard him humming one of the songs from the movie. Well at least that worked. I was humming a tune all day yesterday, from the movie. I kind had to watch it eventually.

Today on the other hand, is not so hot. I don't feel like being on the phones. I would rather be out enjoying the nice day it's turning out to be. Guys I'm having cabin fever. I need to get out.

Bent over a computer on a day like today should be a sin. Attached to phone? Blasphemy!

I'm taking a note out the great Ferris Bueller's book and I'm going on a day off. Yes it has been decided. Days like today cannot be ignored....

I mean the evil word "work" just needs to be scratched from my vocabulary. My hearts not in it, so why force it?

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