Monday, March 26, 2012

The Penny Auction: Part Duex

So the founder of the Penny Auction site who wanted me to ghost blog, has for all intents and purposes, changed his mind. Sad Face...

I sent him a rough draft, having read it out to Occupy, and made some corrections. Occupy liked it. I'm convinced that Occupy likes most things I do. Yay ME!!! Anyway, I sent that off to PAG, (Penny Auction Guy) and PAG didn't like it. WHAAAAA??? What do you mean he didn't like it? That's what I said, he didn't like it.

So for your viewing pleasure or displeasure, I give you my ghost blog, minus the company name and contact information.

Welcome to the launch of _________, I'm T_____, the founder, and my team and I have worked very hard to get this new concept in penny auctions off the ground. This is our blog which we hope to update regularly, and with your continued support and enthusiasm, we will continue to do so.

We are breaking the mold here folks. We're doing something that going to set the Penny Auction World on it's heels. We are using the eBay online auction business model to start, then we're going to do a little something different to bring you a better experience. Do not worry, you'll still have all the benefits and ease you expect from an eBay-like auction site. It's just going to be something a little different. 

We are nothing liked the other penny auction websites and we are proud of it. We give our users a little bit more control of the bidding process, so you get some money back for a change. Like a boomerang; toss it out there and it always come back. Get it? _________-boomerang, you can insert your cheesy joke right here________ but remember we are about you. In fact we like to think that we are you and vice verse. Different right? I hope you like it.

Okay so here's the disclaimer: This is a start-up, so you're getting the beta version. Have a little patience with us as we tweak our site to make it even better than it already is. We are a team of great folks working together to make sure that we don't conform like the other penny auction sites. That said, we want your feedback. No worries about whether we'll read it, trust us, we will. You can send your ideas to us here at You can even reach me personally at, I check to comments here too!

I gotta apologize for the crazy long first entry. I'm a little excited to be sharing this with you. You have any issues you need me to fix, drop a note. We'll take care of if, because that how we are. See you soon.

Folks you need to let me know what's the deally on this. Because I'm so awesome. No, I'm just kidding, but I am a newbie at this writing thing. Professional work isn't my thing but like I said in the first post about penny auctions, I'm trying to expand my hustle. All feedback is good feedback for this one. 

You know that may not be true. If you think I'm going to let you drag my name through the mud with comments not pertaining to this particular blog, I might just not allow it to stay up. Let's not test that theory today, M'kay. I never delete comments.


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