Friday, March 16, 2012

In the Way of everything else

Last night I planned my day around me going to a clinic and doing  little research on it. After doing a little  history snooping about the area of San Diego I live in, I figured it would be a great starting point. The Heights Bulletin wants a weekly post about the businesses in the community and I had planned to spend my Friday working on it. Clearly since I'm here blogging and not on their website blogging I didn't get to it.

Last night I logged on to my phone and promptly sat down to a movie with Occupy. We managed to get through the whole movie. We smoked two cigarettes outside, came up with a shopping list, discussed where we want to move, trouble shot the spotty Internet and a boat load of other stuff before we turned in to sleep.  I forgot to log off. I do remember thinking that I should log off, but I guess I just didn't.

Bright and early I get a call, about six AM. I thought it was my mother, or my brother, or someone. No pervert is up that early, right? Wrong, here in California we are the last to wake up so when it's six on the west coast it's nine on the east. I'm getting the mid-morning sneak freaks. After the first call I log off because I really wanted to sleep. The call took up an hour of my nap time. Hey that's a good thing. But I wanted to sleep some more.

Five minuted later my boss calls me back asking if I can take another call. She knows that I'm off now but asks anyway. So I take the call. 15 minutes later I ask her if she has other girls on and the answer was not what I wanted to hear. So I logged back on. By 1:30 PM I'd made $180. I never have days like this. Ever.

I need to do the blog entry so I can have it submitted for this week. Maybe I can push it to Monday. If I can manage to get it in by Sunday night. Then I'll have to think of another place I have to go. It will definitely give me an excuse to take my camera. Pictures are always good.

Heck anything other is better than nothing at all. Lets just hope I log off my line tonight so that I can execute the plan in the morning. Making money is great, but if it's in the way of everything else, how good is it really???

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