Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mouth-gasmic Meatloaf

So me and Occupy Couch were outside smoking and I said I think I want to make a meatloaf. His eyes widen (pretty hard to so since he's Korean/Black) like I just told him a very sexy man was going to jump out of a cake.

I said I should make one because the meatloaf would last at least two days. Trying to save money you know, my pay check was really small this pay period. He's all for it, turns out Occupy Couch loves meatloaf. Personally I hate meatloaf, it's always super dry the second day.

So we start discussing ways to make said meatloaf edible and I figured carrots, and onions, and maybe an egg. Off to the kitchen I go, I'm still brainstorming a meatloaf but I make it work. Why is making  meatloaf so involved? Well because it's deceptively easy to make. In fact it's so easy that if you don't pay attention you can ruin meatloaf. You really can, I've done it. It was a long time ago but it is one of the reasons why I,  man I just don't like it. I started with the onions. These onions are so strong that I started crying after I took the peel off. I have to get Occupy to wipe my eyes so I could finish chopping them up. He claims its the weather. I've lived in super humid areas my whole life that I haven't had the full impact of an onion. (you know it sounded better coming out his mouth, than me writing it here)

Flash forward to done and I'm kind of hungry. I've been playing the Girl 6 deal all freaking day. Yes even while making my meatloaf. And it's time for a taste test. Occupy Couch is super excited to try it so we have a small slice each. I have seriously outdone myself. It's actually good, the carrots keep it moist, the onions gave it flavor, and the sauce I made out of salsa ketchup dried orange peel and Parmesan cheese totally rocked.

Too bad it was so small. Occupy ate most of it, so now we are back to square one with us having to figure out what to eat for dinner tomorrow. At least he saved me a slice. Oh and he mentioned it on Facebook.

I guess I'm famous?

Oh and I had my first twofer today. I love repeat customers, love them, because they pay my bills, but I had a client call me back twice in one day. While I was making the meatloaf, then again while I was making some potatoes later this afternoon.  If all my days were like this I'd never have to worry about budgeting my meals.

Now that the kitchen is dirty I'm going to see if I can get Occupy to wash the dishes, he had two servings he better. And then I can focus on the rest of Chapter six. It's coming along. Instead of one guy disobeying the rule I'm making it a group thing. In this I'm pulling from my own experience in the Military. Being bad is always better with a partner. In this case its three of them. Nothing solidifies a friendship like landing in shi*t together. I hope I can tie it in to the rest of the story. I'll be ecstatic.

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