Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Contradiction California

I've supported a lot of things over the years. Once I was a contributing member of PETA, ASPCA, WWF, and the EPA. I was trying to save the world $1 at a time. I recycled, I still do and I rode the bus every where. (Only because I still can't drive) I even got a bike so that I could cut down on waste created by my one extra person taking Public Transportation.  Every animal I ever adopted came from a shelter. I only wore cotton.

I could go on for ages about how I wanted to do my part to save the world. I mean on and on. But here's why I'm not such a Teva sporting, tofu munching, tree hugging, green freak, the economy. Also, Teva's are ugly.

Funny, if I had not fallen on such hard times repeatedly over the last 13years I would have been such a hemp wearing hippy. Eventually I would have dropped PETA, because they aren't about saving the planet. They are not how I operate. But mostly I would have continued thrown money at these agencies because "we only have one Earth."

Joining the Military was a big change. There is so much waste, just built into the system. Granted they as a whole would reward anyone who finds a way to reuse a resource, it just overwhelming sometimes the amount of stuff that can't be reused for security reasons. Just because I understand it, doesn't mean I like it.

Now that I'm back in the civilian world and once again strapped, I'm at a loss as to what I can do other than recycle, to make my world a safer, cleaner, more pleasant place. It does not help that my druggie neighbors are the epitome of wasteful behaviors. Nor does it help that I have not actually checked out San Diego's policy on recycling. I have not even volunteered even a smattering of time at the local animal shelter where I adopted Chewy.

What I have done is bought this t-shirt:
And what a t-shirt it is. See the bike in the background. That's mine, the cowboy hat belongs to Occupy Couch.

Yes I'm poking fun at my old ways. I am, how ever despite the poor taste in which I took this picture, it makes me giggle, slowly making my way back to that. When I make more money I probably will get the original World Wildlife Fund t-shirt. In my ever changing attitude towards a lot of things I've always recognized the need for conservation.

Let's be realistic though, as Occupy has stated I am a seriously offensive person, otherwise an a**hole.  And my need to smoke three cigarettes a day sort of negates any small changes I've made to how I live. That awful cowboy hat ain't helping the cause right now either.

Hulk Hogan eat your heart out
I don't know folks, maybe the point of today's entry was to show off my wicked cool t-shirt. Maybe I have a little save the world guilt building up inside me. Maybe I just miss not worrying about how to live with out leaving such a large footprint. Or Maybe I like Wrestling, I grew up on wrestling.  Who recognizes this pose:

Anyway, if I could choose where I'd donate my last dollar it would be here WWF these folks do great things around the world and can only benefit from more people being aware of what they do. In fact check out their blog on Climate change.

While you're there looking them over I'll be in this awesome t-shirt contradicting myself right here.


  1. I love your cowboy hat.
    The knit cute things might be awesome, too.
    Making things is saving and loving.
    Bikes are tender to the Earth than cars.

    Actually I'm interested in bad people in WWE than good people in WWF.

    Thirty years ago, I was a fan of the Undertaker's manager, who was very outstanding in Japanese shows.

  2. Wow Tae you are catching up on a bunch of things in one topic. I like it. But I have to say that I disagree with you on WWE vs WWF. I loved Hulk Hogan and Randy Macho Man Savage. The Ultimate Warrior rocked, but yeah the manager for the Undertaker was pretty cool in a creepy way. WWE is just not my thing. I dated a guy that loved it. I just couldn't get on the same level with WWE or my EX. Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be.

  3. I am happy to have your comment!

    Sometimes I miss so much old Japanese wrestling boom with really cool guys.
    I talked about the show that I watched the night before at high school corridor.
    We put chairs out of the classroom and made a circle and talked a lot.
    (seeing far away grand ma face)

    People over 40s only know the good old days in Japan... I feel so old these days...


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