Thursday, March 1, 2012

I've joined the Flash Fictioneers

Maggie Duncan an author on eFiction has been posting about this thing called Flash Fiction Fridays for a while. It is something that one of the blogs that she follows does weekly.  (I follow Maggie in Unexpected Paths).

The idea is that you do a quick 100 word +/- story based on a picture. As I have been complaining about how I'm so stuck I finally succumbed to the  draw of just being able to write something.  I traced the Friday Fictioneers back to the source and figured what the heck. Here's the picture:
This weeks Flash Friday Foto
 And here is my short short:

"What is this?" Henry said as he fingered the tiny plastic gem bag. They littered the table and even the floor. Gems of every size shape and color spilled from cloth bag at one end.
"This is the take from the Weiss Estate." Collin mumbled while carefully labeling a a pink gem. "Marta said she wanted them separated before she came back."

"Did she check these out." Henry opened a cupboard, and removed one of the heaviest coffee cups on the shelf. "You know before she gave you bitch work?"

"No she said I had this."

"Yeah you got this. These are fake you twit." He slammed the mug over one of the tiny bags. What was once a black pearl was now chunks and dust.

These folks are on Twitter #FridayFictioneers is the hashtag.

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