Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't Answer the Phone

Today since it rained buckets of cold suck, I decided to write. Great thing that I'm able to do this especially since it's all about evil chapter six. Funny thing that the VA actually came through and now that I have a little more focus back I can now do this. So anyway I told Occupy the plan and said if the phone rings and it's my mom don;t answer it.  I'm going to go write and I can't be interrupted. I even put on my big noise canceling head phones to make a point.

Occupy never answers the phone. Part because I'm always logged on and working and partly because there is really no reason for him to do so.

Mom calls from some unknown number. Of course he picks it up, now I have to explain to her why a man of whom she has no knowledge of is picking up my phone. For reasons I'm not going to get into right now, this is going to be a difficult thing to talk about with her.

After a very awkward "I'm just returning your call, I can tell your busy," statement from Mommy Dearest, I have to wonder what she thinks is going on here in rainy San Diego while she is across the country back east? I can assure you that the show at Ms. Townes' house is g rated when I'm not on the phones working. But to explain that to mom, might be a little hard to do convincingly.

Fast forward to about 9PM when my oldest brother calls. Yay! Me for having a family that cares. Once again I have my headphones on and blasting while I type away at chapter six. I'm actually making progress. My fingers dance over the keyboards with sure strokes of pure American genius. then I get that awful tap on my shoulder.

My oldest brother, since I don;t take him very seriously, gets put on speaker so Occupy can here him scream who the heck was that answering the phone.  Sure telling my brother why I have a guest no big deal. Telling my mother, super big deal. Why, I don't know.

Regardless I managed to stop thinking and preaching about chapter six and finally wrote it down. Once again I am a little stuck but at least I have moved from the spot where I was stuck before. Nothing a night of good sleep won't cure.

Be well people.

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