Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Dogs match, We Should Mate

First off the weather this weekend sucked here in San Diego...

So a while back I told Occupy that I met a guy on one of my walks that has a 3 year old Lhasa Apso.  Occupy immediately asks if I though the guy was cute. Of course I thought he was cute. The man was beyond handsome.  He had beautiful twisted locks, smooth chocolate skin, big juicy kissable lips and he has the same dog as me. The dog's name was Skittles.

Occupy decided that I should walk my dog around his house again to see if I could once again strike up a conversation with said hottie and his dog. If only life were that simple. I'm sure in what ever universe Occupy, er occupies, stalker charges don't exist.

Let me say that before my couch was invaded I did go back that way in hopes of seeing Fine and Sexy. I didn't see him and Chewy doesn't like taking that route. It's too noisy and has too much traffic on the road for him to feel safe.

Sounds like a cop out? Yes. But would I rather be a cliche of matching Lhasa? NO!!! I don't care how cute a pair of Lhasa Apso's are, somethings just scream lame.

If I had a female bestie local, I could totally run this by her, alas all my besties are back in Boston, or Norfolk or Yokosuka. I really need to get out.

So every time I say to Occupy I need a date. He always brings up Fine and Sexy. He imagines little doggy play dates and walks to the park where our dogs Chewy and Skittles romp together. I think he's on to something. Just not the right something.

Now I'm reminded of that super cheesy movie, Must Love Dogs. I didn't see the movie because I read the book. Back when I used to by my books from CVS. I've entered a new market of guys. I can now date guys that like dogs. I mean I dated them before but I never considered them a separate group.

So if I really wanted a date once in a while, I could trot my happy butt on to Plenty of Fish and demand that all persons interested have to be a dog lover, or at least a fan.  Even though that site does not work like that. Anyway all this is in an effort to avoid stalking Fine and Sexy.

Who knows maybe the weather in San Diego will get better and I can pretend I'm not stalking him. Or I  could do like I did when I was still in the service and Carry On Smartly. You never really know. But if you ask my buddy Occupy, he'd tell me, and you, I'm missing an opportunity.


  1. When I was in San Diego, there were only three rainy days in a year, they said.

    1. Yeah well Tae it's not raining today. But it has been just awful this weekend. there was Hail on Sunday for like 15 minutes. Not a happy camper. thank goodness it's nice today though.

  2. Wait a minute, I am not in any of those places you mentioned. I am in Fort Lauderdale.....I am not a bestie?! *cries*

    Matching dogs would be a little weird. But only if this was the motivation for you doing anything in the relationship. However! If he is indeed a nice tasty glass of water you should totally find a way to drink it up. Don't pull stalker, but keep an eye out and next time suggest a puppy play date....Get your puppy some attention so your kitty gets some later. :P

    1. You and Occupy have been secretly speaking to each other haven't you... Funny I thought of you when I mentioned Norfolk and completely brain farted the blog on that. Best line ever goes to you "Get your puppy some attention so your kitty gets some later... Classic.

    2. Yeah, I skipped out of VA as fast as I could. There are days I regret moving down here. But I have learned much, mostly the hard way, living here. I do say use the puppy, mostly because I can't. I have come to terms with the fact my dogs are evil, much like me, and their immediate reaction to most people and dogs is rage. So there will be no Must Love Dogs hookup for me. Even if I didn't live in a place where 90% of the men are gay and the other 9% are married and that lonely 1% are the guys who are total creepers..... If you can arrange the puppy play date, there is no reason you can't arrange it to happen many times until one agrees to bring coffee and the other promises to bring the croissants, or donuts, or bagels. From there its a short hop and skip into the bedroom. Or if you are feeling a little kinky in the dog park.

    3. MY God you are awesome. Love you...


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