Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday Flash Fiction: Alpha

100+/- short story about a picture. Here's the picture:

And here's my story:

Alpha lost the pack to his son fair and square. Now that he'd found a human he was safe, and warm. He's final days would be here.

As Alpha's last sun set, he thought back on his sire, the new Pack Leader. He felt he would be a great king, and he was proud of him.

A cry of the utmost pain and suffering rang through the woods as Alpha struggled to sit. Loud and long enough for it to fall on old Alpha's ears, his son! 

Adrenaline rushed through his old body, tensing itself to spring into action. Then his heart skipped two beats.  At his son's  desperate cries Alpha remained sitting, then he lowered himself completely to the ground. When he closed his eyes for the last time, he heard the erratic beating of his own heart and the howls of his son's anguish. Then nothing as he exhaled for the last time.

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  1. Not sure my first comment went through, but if not I'm glad it didn't because I wanted to change it - the first time I'd read through your story, I didn't catch that he lost a fight to his son.

    It was a sad story, but there is honor in that setting. Poor Alpha. At least he was top dog for a while, and sired a strong alpha son to take his place.

  2. Yes there was honor in Alpha finding a place to die. I'm not feeling this story though just because it was really hard to write. You should have seen the original it was a good 400+ words. I guess I wanted a little too much in this one. Thank you for dropping by.

  3. That was very sad. Haunting almost. Off to find a kleenex, this could be a long day.

    Mine's at

    It's not sad.

    1. May it was a little over kill... I hope you didn't cry, cry did you? Thank you for stopping by, and yours was definitely a fun one.

  4. It seems it's hard to stay top dog for long.

    Here's mine:


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