Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Out in the fresh air

Today managed to be such a great day, that me and Occupy took Chewy out to the Park. Balboa Park is a fabulous place to be. So we pack the car and went.

  Balboa Park was named after the first European to see the Pacific Ocean, while exploring Panama, some time in the earl 20th century or the early 1900's. Prior to that the Park was originally called city park. Pretty lame right.

  From the web page* I gathered that this place was seriously underdeveloped for the first 20 or so years. Then in the 1890's someone names Susan Sessions (a very good talker I'm guessing) bartered land from the park to build a nursery. The plants in the nursery went directly to the park  most of which are still there today. It's said that most of the 1400 acres of land was mostly brush until she came along.

 Sadly of the 1400 acres that started the park only a whooping 1200 remain. OMG, Balboa park is supposed to be one of the largest urban cultural park in the Unites States.  I can believe that, you know why? I'm going to tell you. 

On the bus (just go with it) that I take to school, there are at least five bus stops that the route passes. Each stop has some kind of attraction near it. Hence, the need for a bus stop.

There is a zoo, at least two museums and a bunch of other attractions on the bus rout alone. The information page says 15 museums. Holy Crap 15!


  There's a public garden somewhere in this ginormous park because somewhere hear this picture right above are pictures of it on an info board. Don't ask me where it is, because I don't know.

  <<Some pictures of Occupy here 


Balboa Park right now is hosting a Science fair until the end of this week at the museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science. It has since I've been here hosted the San Diego Black Film Festival. Which Fine  and Sexy invited me to when I met him. And more impressive is that Balboa Park hosted the Millennium Expo back in the year 2000.

Not a bad for a park with such humble beginnings.

*All information was taken from the Balboa Park Website linked above. Please, if you ever come to San Diego, save that web page and plan a few days to explore this wonderful jewel right smack in the middle of the city.

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