Thursday, March 8, 2012

How Dark are the Shadows?

Back in the early 90's my family was big into watching TV together. Mom of course picked the show we watched and none of us complained. Mostly because she picked good shows, not because she was the BOSS. It was not a planned "let's make popcorn and snuggle" moment. it was more like Mom would grab the remote, sit in the most comfy seat in the family room and turn on the TV. We'd sort of gravitate there from our own little worlds and sit on the floor or the bed or where ever and end up watching the show with her.

1991 Cast
We held mini-series in super high regard. Anyone remember the original V (I do) Jesus of Nazareth (been there) Thornbirds (done that) there's more but I can't remember. I do remember Dark Shadows.

Over on Google+ someone dated themselves and brought the show back from obscurity. To be fair Tim Burton is making Dark Shadows a movie, due out in May. Dark Shadows: CHANGED. MY. LIFE

Mommy Dearest was so psyched that they made a mini-series off the original show, that she, and I'm totally making this up, got cable to watch it on the then Sci-Fi Channel.  Honestly I have no idea why she got cable. But that's not the point. The point is that we'd watch the "new" Dark Shadows every Thursday on one of the big three channels(CBS, ABC, NBC), then come summer time we'd get a stern talking to if we were home and forgot to record the old Dark Shadows, that came on daily at 11am. Darn you Sci-Fi Channel.
1966 Cast

Of course I want to call Mom and tell her the news. I obviously humble about this and demand she thank me in advance for what I'm about to tell her. It goes like this:

"Mom I'm about to make your day. Now say thank you. "(She humors me and thanks me)
"Ready to relive your childhood? Hold your breath."
"Just hold your breath." She doesn't.
"They are making Dark Shadows a movie." She gasps.
"Oh really?"
"Yeah. Really."
"But, why?"

I wish I could tell you but who cares.

The New New Dark Shadows
The movie promises to be good. If I ever go out to a movie again, instead of waiting for it to show up on iTunes, I might review it. It has a serious cast. Clearly Tim Burton means business here. Dude, it has Michelle Pfiefer, obviously Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, also a bunch of other great actors and actresses. I heard on the Dark Shadows fan page that they even  managed to get some of the original cast to make appearances in the movie.  I kind of can't wait to see this.

Sadly I have to log on to work the phones so I don't have time to link the fan page to this post. I will have to get to that another time and do some editing. But for those people who just have to make a comparison here's Johnny Depp vs. Jonathan Frid, who makes a better Barnabus Collins???

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