Monday, March 12, 2012

Short one: Another Bean Counter

I have to give credit to Boston's Weekly Dig for inventing the Bean Counter. What else would make me laugh and cry.
Last Bean Counter Total (Thanks to Chewy) -108

Rode my bike for the first time in a long time to the Post Office. +5

Took the back way and got lost on the way to Post Office. -3

Mailed off my GI Bill Application for the Fall Semester at the Post Office. +4

Neighbors leaving their kids unattended to do drugs. -70

Received letter from State of California saying I qualify for unemployment. +100

Just started a new job. +50

Unqualified for unemployment the minute I get my first paycheck. -72

Started writing a new Short Story :The Take. +6

Glimmer train still has not reviewed Spring Fling. -9

Kony 2012. -90

Facebook helping a woman find out her estranged husband married another woman without divorcing her, by the people you may know button. WINNING +96

Found a walking trail in the neighborhood that looks like an amateur photo-hog's dream come true. +12

Being Human comes on tonight. +45

Grand Total Bean Counter: 36

Better than last week...


  1. Oh, thanks for the reminder about Being Human. I guess that means I get =45 too? I need to find a pretty place to go walking. No biking though - never know where that seat might end up :)

    Good luck with your college applications. I hope the GI bill pans out - I've heard great things about the grants. Hopefully you saved all your certificates from Navy tech schools and trainings so the credits can be applied to your potential degree. not fun taking some courses over.

    Have a good evening Atiya


    1. Yeah bikes are tricky that way. Thanks for the well wish on school and thanks for dropping by.


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